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Hamburg-based singer/songwriter Ingo Stahl is releasing "Fire", an ode to a broken heart being reignited, as the first single of his debut EP (scheduled for early 2022). Stahl's unique voice, his emotional and earnest songwriting style paired with a minimalistic production, makes for a record with timeless appeal. Growing up listening to his dad's vinyl collection, artists like Bill Withers and Elton John sparked Stahl's zeal for writing songs on his parent's piano. Years later, despite having had classical guitar lessons since childhood, Jack Johnson inspired Stahl to buy his first steel string which transformed his relationship with the instrument overnight. After jazz studies in Cologne and Helsinki, Stahl moved to Copenhagen for love and dove into the city's vivid singer-songwriter scene. His ties to Germany remained, being the lead singer of the German indie-pop band Last Bird, which released their debut EP Head Under Water in 2014. With a broken heart and plenty of songs, Stahl moved back to Germany in 2016. It was then that he got introduced to Tytus Leszczynski and Jan Niemeyer, with whom he co-produced and recorded his forthcoming EP at the legendary former EMI Studios in Cologne. Be it broken promises, flaky deals, or a pandemic, the record remained on the shelf until the head of Halogen Media (the label that brought Angus Powell's music to the world and to international TV shows) came upon the tracks and was blown away by the quality and depth of the songs.


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Ingo Stahl

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